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What is Chuice? 

Made fresh daily from more than 45 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds, Chuice is packed with proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes, which aid both the digestive system and the immune system. Not only can Chuice make you healthy inside, it will show on the outside too because the high enzyme content will actually slow the aging process.

Chuice is available in two blends:
  • The Forest (“green”) Chuice, which cleanses internal organs – contains “Taste of Earth Greens” herbs
  • The River of Life (“red”) Chuice, which balances blood’s pH level – contains “Taste of Earth Alkalizer” herbs
Facts about Chuice:
  • Taste of Earth “Chuice” is a revolutionary raw food in a bottle!
  • Chuice begins with chewing because chewing releases the first enzyme in the mouth – amylase, which starts breaking down complex carbohydrates.
  • Enzymes are vital because they are the body’s biocatalysts, meaning they make other things work.
  • When we are young, the body can produce the enzymes it needs, but between the ages of 27 and 35, our enzyme levels begin to drop or even plummet. If these enzymes are not replaced, problems with digestion, illness and all kinds of premature aging begin.
  • The best way to replace enzymes is through the food we consume, but unfortunately, because most food is either processed or cooked, the enzymes are lost.
  • Getting enzymes from a wide variety of natural raw foods will put back what the body can no longer produce. Chuice is made from all kinds of nutrient-dense ingredients from kale to carrots and apples to walnuts. It has everything your body needs to start running efficiently again.
  • Each serving of Chuice is packed with vitamins and minerals too. In fact, a 16 oz. Chuice contains 11 grams of dietary fiber and 6 grams of bioavailable protein.
  • Molecular health specialist Ladell Hill, founder of Taste of Earth developed Chuice through more than 20 years of research and experimentation.

Where is Chuice available?

Chuice is currently available at retail locations throughout Atlanta including:

Warning: If you are taking medications please consult your physician about this product. Not for use in pregnant or nursing women or in any persons under the age of 21 since Chuice contains herbs. Please call and special order Chuice without herbs. Keep away from children. Proprietary Blend.



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